Los Angeles County is the biggest movie theater market in the United States. All theaters have been closed since March 16 due to the coronavirus and aren't expected to re-open. After more than seven months of struggles, laying off thousands of employees and funding, due to COVID-19 pandemic, Hollywood, the nation’s cinemas may not survive without the help of the federal government. They remain closed in this markets representing 30% of annual box office sales, including Los Angeles County and New York, the nation’s two biggest locales for filmgoing. In this project, Franck Bohbot have been everywhere in Los Angeles County to documents this dramatic situation both for the entertainment industry and his audience. Documenting the grandeur, the kitch and the beautiful that mirrored the Hollywood-manufactured dreams devoured by millions when cinema was the undisputed king of mass entertainment. The result is a series showcasing an architectural typology of all Theaters in Los Angeles County all remaining temporary closed, from the indie cinema to the major chains. We see some Art Deco Theaters, Art Nouveau, Mid Century, Baroque, Modern— Questioning the futur of the industry and the cascade of movie blockbusters canceled or postponed, with “The Last Show" the Artist immortalizes with a meticulous composition and a different range of color, those places of dream who lost their public in this unprecedented times of our lives.