A Documentary Portrait of Nestor Guzman aka BIG NEST, part of "Cuts" A Portrait Film Series.

  • Directed & Produced by Franck Bohbot
  • Written by Coraline Servais & Franck Bohbot
  • Soundtrack by Weird Inside
  • Sound by Samuel Durand
  • Production Assistant : Solanne Fardel
  • Titles : Katia Bohbot
  • Runtime: 2 min 33s / Year: 2018.
  • Prod Company: Make It There Films


Nestor Guzman is a Master Barber and the Founder of the Brooklyn Master Barbershop. The trophies from barber battle wins around NYC line the walls of his shop, lending credence to its name. Over the years, the neighborhood of Park Slope where the Brooklyn Master Barbershop is located has seen a great deal of change. Despite the evolution and gentrification of this area, however, Nestor’s barbershop has stayed true to its roots, and so has he. His authenticity shines through in a neighborhood where he has worked for decades.

Cuts, a portrait film series by photographer Franck Bohbot and portrays a number of unique and interesting barber shops from around NYC. These shops represent the eclectic diversity of the city, with diverse neighborhoods, cultures, and communities coming together around a common sense of purpose. Franck’s portraits are compelling but simple, projecting an unmistakable sense of humanity. An expert’s eye to the interplay between light, color, and storytelling bring the portraits to life and make Cuts a truly unique experience.

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