At pierre and marie curie university in paris, the jussieu campus forms a vibrant and engaging laboratory for the school’s science students. designed by périphériques architects, the building’s main atrium is a colorful and geometrically-influenced space defined by a series of pill-shaped apertures cut out of the different levels. photographer franck bohbot visited the site and documented the campus’ pink, blue and yellow halls, the custom seating designed for the space, and the building’s complex metal façade the voids piercing each interior balcony at UPMC’s jussieu campus offer glimpses of candy-colored hues, forming a smooth and saturated space for the university students to study within. bohbot’s documentation of the atrium and façade highlights the building’s vivid and bold design details, with a punchy palette of colors and dramatic lighting adding an almost theatrical quality to the périphériques-designed space. Words by Nina Azzarello I designboom