1980   Born November 12, 1980 in Longjumeau, south Paris, France.

1992   First relationship with art was through music. Started the drums and percussion at age 12.

2000  Became highly interested in Cinema, and by the work of Scorsese, Hitchcock and Kubrick.

2006  Graduated from ESG Paris with a MBA in Media and Film Production.

2008  Started photography as unit stills photographer on short films set.

2009  Discovered the work of Julius Schulman July 15, 2009 and found a passion in architectural photography.

2011    Started House of Books Series. As we move towards becoming an increasingly digitized society, this testament to the home of the printed word is a reminder of the once-precious physical object of the book, and the serene majesty of these institutions that first made such transformative objects accessible.

2013  Commissioned by The PSG Football Club to photograph the portraits of Players for the Annual Calendar 2013.

2013  Begins the Swimming Pool Series, in Paris. It was the First time, the audience discovered a body of work with empty Parisian swimming pools.

2013  Invited by The Louvre to photograph The Museum in Paris.

2013  Moved to New York City April 2013.

2013  Begins the Light On series, a sentimental study of storefronts, a noctural exploration of his new city New York, retro in appearance, yet contemporary by nature. Further conveying the relationship between Bohbot’s real-life surroundings and the artificial touch of theatre.

2014  Begins the Cinema series, his photographic homage to the movies in 2014. The natural place to begin was Hollywood, which by the 1910s had become the center of the burgeoning global film industry.

2014  His series ‘Cuts’ Portraits of NYC Barbershops were published in the Sunday Edition of the New York Times in print on November 2, 2014, on page MB9 of the New York edition.

2014  Received the Archifoto Prize, 1st Place at the International Awards of architectural photography for Chinatown series.

2014  Exhibition “The colours of Architecture”, Gallery La Chambre, Strasbourg, France.

2015  Commissioned by The New York Magazine to create a colorful Portfolio of photograph titled: How To Spend Time Alone

2015  Represented by INSTITUTE prestigious international photography agency based in L.A and the UK.

2015 Published in National Geographic with Cinema Series.

2015  Received his green card. EB-1 "extraordinary abilities Green Card"

2015  Collaboration between The British Fashion Designer Paul Smith and Franck Bohbot on a line of colorful items. Exhibition of ’Swimming Pool’ series at the Paul Smith Space Gallery in Shibuya, Tokyo.

2015  Commissioned by The New York Times Magazine to photograph and create meticulous images of the  DreamHack, where 23,000 gamers spend a weekend plugged in together in Jönköping, Sweden.

2015  Travels to Japan and photographs Tokyo.

2015  Invited by United Photo Industries to exhibit 'Cuts' series in the East River Ferry for the New York Stories Exhibition.

2015  Worked on his new series ‘I Am An Actor’ in collaboration with The Interviewer Philippe Ungar. The project is about photographing and interviewing actors who have to deal with their acting careers and daily jobs to support themselves in order to better understand the unique relationships they experience between their passion and the reality.

2016 Released his Monograph Light On New York City published by teNeues. The book has been featured in Architectural Digest, Travel Leisure and Ideat magazine. Appeared at MoMa Bookstore, Rizzoli New York, Colette, The New York Public Library or the BNF.

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